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Vegan Hair Products

All Umberto Giannini products are Vegan and Cruelty Free. This is our belief and always has been: no animals need to be harmed for a flick of mascara or a spritz of hairspray. It doesn’t cost any more to care about the treatment of animals - and to show you care by only buying vegan and cruelty free products, we think this makes you as beautiful inside as out.

Why Do We Embrace Vegan Beauty? We understand the importance of brands being transparent, which is why we want to give you a deeper look at our choice to only produce vegan hair products, our stance on cruelty-free in the beauty industry and the wider vision that we aim to achieve as a community of hair (and animal) lovers:

Cruelty-Free Haircare For Real People

  We’re styling our way to a beauty mission that celebrates real people. Because we believe that beauty should be fun, empowering and personal. We make mindfully-made vegan and cruelty free products and love nothing more than giving confidence and happiness through the power of beauty.