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Milani Cosmetics targets mass audience beauty needs of women of every demographic around the world. Our research and development team continues to expand the line with innovative products, brought to you in trendsetting colours and styles. For over 25 years Milani Cosmetics have been making superior cosmetics establishing a name in beauty industries all around the world. Every year they do the runways of London and Milan fashion weeks- Inspired by Milan and look by Milani.



At first glance, the Italian word for colors is almost exactly like ours. Except there’s a little something extra, a little…more.

And that’s Milani Cosmetics: More.

More quality. More design. More diversity in shade range.

More color.

Every shade of beautiful.


Italian style. Rich, lush, eye-candy colors. The perfect makeup fit for every skin tone.

Milani Cosmetics offers incredible quality for an incredible price. But even more “wow” is our product lineup: Hundreds of shades and high-tech,  basically everything you could ever want or need for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails. (Face too, of course. Our foundations and concealers are amazing.)

You’ll find yourself in Milani Cosmetics. The very best version of you....

Quick Fix Facials are wonder face masks packed with hero ingredients to effortlessly and efficiently banish everyday skin issues. 

 You are going to love the smell, the way it applies on your skin, and the amazing feeling after use!


H cool και trendy μάρκα που ξεκίνησε από την Κορέα το 2006 δημιουργεί απίστευτα χαριτωμένα, διασκεδαστικά προϊόντα που συνδυάζουν την καινοτομία με αξιολάτρευτη, αφρώδη συσκευασία σε ζωηρά χρώματα. Η φιλοσοφία της μάρκας είναι να παρέχει καλλυντικά προϊόντα που συνδυάζουν το μοντέρνο στυλ της πόλης και την πραγματική ομορφιά των γυναικών. Η Tony Moly προσφέρει συνεχώς προϊόντα που αντικατοπτρίζουν τον τρόπο ζωής και τη νοοτροπία της γυναίκας.


At the beginning , there was a gathering . Nested in the Pacific ocean, the concept
of suntan oil , symbol of a new lifestyle , was gathered with 2,000 years of
traditions in paradise - the Monoi, a fine nut oil fully rich of coconut and
fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers.
In Europe and the United States, having fun in the society, happiness of
holidays are being born , and with them on the beaches, the creative explosion of
the perfume and the development of sun tan oils overwhelm the senses.
In Tahiti , Gustave Langy , businessman and strongly supporter of Polynesian identity,
still remembers the warm and soothing touch of Monoi on his skin when young boy, his Mum massaged him behind the family home. The delicate nuances of her perfume are still in his mind.
His mother used to add fresh flowers, which exhaled in the evening their sweet fragrance
in the precious oil .


Te fâ raa mai i te hoe aamu i tahito râ

He then imagined to make a Monoi that one could carry everywhere , a Monoi whose quality and fragrance would not be altered only after a few days, a preparation which could sublimate ancestral know-how. He precisely selected the ingredients, took the essence of maceration techniques
to define an updated and repeatable process. The precious oil would be filled in amber glass bottles of syrup in order to be protected from light exposure. Monoi Tiki was born....



L.A. Girl is all about bringing artistry to life by providing premium quality color cosmetics to all makeup users alike - from the savvy beauty junkie to the inspired novice. As an affordable luxury cosmetics brand, L.A. Girl Cosmetics puts a glamorous spin on beauty by creating new ways to inspire expression through the art of color.

Since 1985, Beauty 21 Cosmetics has taken pride in offering on-trend, innovative, and exceptional quality products. With an amazing selection of high-quality products that cater to makeup enthusiasts all over the world, L.A. Girl has become a destination brand that offers beauty without compromise – BEAUTY FOR ALL!

A British brand, born and bred, Dirty Works is a range of fun and sophisticated beauty products. Take time out from busy lifestyles and indulge in some girly glamour and me-time.

Dirty Works combines fun design with good quality formulations and stunning fragrances - affordable beauty has never looked and felt this good. The range includes sensational skincare, beautiful bodycare, divine smelling bathing products, glamorous gifts and oodles of accessories.

The Bath & Body products each contain our signature fragrance; a blend of vibrant fruity top notes of Peach and Cassis with subtle floral tones of Rose, Jasmine and Orange Blossom supported by base notes of Vanilla and Amber. Buff your stuff in the shower and show your skin you care by lovingly lavishing yourself in the ultimate head to toe luxury.

L.A. COLORS is a fun & fearless cosmetics brand that produces exceptional quality makeup at an amazing price!

We are experts of color, innovation enthusiasts, and value-leaders! Committed to providing budget-friendly beauty products in today’s hottest colors and trends!

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