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Creamy emulsion designed to fill wrinkles and expression lines through a powerful soft focus effect capable of producing the immediate disappearance of wrinkles. In addition, the incorporation of a polysaccharide and acacia gum exert a tensor effect.

Active principles:
- low molecular weight hyaluronic acid
- Wine extract, antioxidant properties
- Next-generation anti-aging agent capable of fighting the signs of aging and returning youth to our skin

- Helps reduce the length and depth of wrinkles
- Creamy emulsion that adds volume and tone to the skin
- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
- Fill in the wrinkle groove
Period of duration
12 months
How to use
Apply, morning and night on clean skin, a small amount directly on wrinkles and fine lines to fight, performing a circular micromassage followed by a small pinch

PostQuam Resveraplus multi-action filler 15 ml

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