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Nourishing cream for dry or dehydrated skin

Nourishing wrinkle cream with ceramide liposomes, silk proteins, plant placenta, aloe vera and amniotic fluid, which delays skin aging

It provides an immediate regenerative action, stimulating cellular metabolism and decreasing the thickness of the cornea layer

Its nutritional power that penetrates to the deepest layers of the epidermis. That is why it is specially designed for dry and dehydrated skin

Active principles:

- Ceramide liposomes: nourish the skin deeply

- Ginseng: stimulates skin metabolism

- Elastin: provides elasticity and smoothness

- Vegetable placenta: tensor and anti-aging agent

- Amniotic fluid: nourishing and moisturizing agent

- Aloe vera extract: responsible for water retention in the skin, it provides moisturizing and emollient properties. It is healing and antibacterial

- Silk proteins: moisturize and soften, giving the skin the characteristics of silk: softness, elasticity and smoothness. Rich in amino acids, they are part of the Natural Hydration Factor of the skin


50 ml

Postquam Profesional Nutriaction Facial Cream 50ml

  • With a clean skin, apply the moisturiser from the central part of the face and spread outwards.

    · Then spread gently with the fingertips along the contours of the face, avoiding the eye area. Repeat and spread until completely absorbed.

    · Dab with your fingertips, paying special attention to wrinkles and expression lines




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