Unlike bristle brushes, you can’t pop it in a fancy cup on your vanity. Plus, due to the egg shape of most sponges, it can’t stand up on its own, and tends to roll around in your makeup bag. That can pose a problem, since it'll then harbor bacteria — which you definitely don't want to slather on your face. 

LOV is the ideal holding case for your sponge, which makes it easy to store, protect, and travel with your tear-drop tool. Instead of rolling around in your cosmetics case, getting every other product dirty with product, this lets your sponge sit on an egg-shaped throne all day.  Better yet, the holder offers up to 50% ventilation so the sponge can dry properly without breeding additional bacteria. You can even choose from three colors: pink, yellow or light blue. It’s cheap, it’s cute, and it’s solving all of our first world problems.

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